redonion software was established to create a link between Australia's most popular accounting software (MYOB)
and the world's most popular contact management solution (ACT!).

In 2002 redonion software released a link that allowed ACT! 5 (ACT! 2000) users to see MYOB Accounting information
for the selected contact (without opening MYOB). Our development team includes an ACT! Certified Consultant, and we
worked with ACT! Certified Consultants & MYOB Certified Consultants, as well as many ACT! & MYOB users to
develop a product that adds enormous value to ACT! & MYOB Accounting.

In 2003 redonion software partnered with ACT! to create ACT! Link for MYOB for the official ACT! 6 product line.
Free telephone support was provided by the ACT! Helpdesk, however the technology required to link the two applications is
complex and difficult to support over the telephone.

In 2008 redonion software established its own Helpdesk to assist customers directly with the installation. Customers can
now grant the Helpdesk remote access to their computer via our Citrix service, and the Helpdesk will install & test the link.

Helpdesk assistance is free for current subscribers. If you activated your product more than 12 months ago and have not
purchased a renewal since, you can purchase a new subscription here.